Ignite Training Overview

Clinic registration is not available at this time. You can review the clinics that will be run this season. We will open clinic registration in the near futuer.

Use the Clinic Signup Instructions to select the area you wish to train in and look up your required clinics and videos.  Then login with your staff login ID and password to update your profile and register for clinics.

Feel free to take extra clinics.  The more we know the better we are as instructors.  With our disabled veterans program we have the potential of having participants who will be on blue and black slopes.  So consider taking one of the advanced clinics in VI and 3T/4T this year.  We should also expect more sit ski participants.  Think about becoming Bi/Mono qualified.

When the time comes please sign up for clinics so that we can properly allocate our clinc leader resources.   If you have questions please email clinics@igniteadaptivesports.org.

Unless otherwise noted in the clinic
Morning classroom clinics are from 9AM to 12PM
Afternoon classroom clinics are from 12:30PM to 3:30PM
On-snow clinics are from 8:30AM to 3:30PM (may include lunchtime discussion so bring your lunch)

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