Ignite Student Registration Forms

You need an Ignite Student accout to fill out your Student Application (Profile) and Calendar or Schedule. Click here to create a Student Account.

The online student application provides the information necessary for Ignite to understand how to help the participant have a safe and fun experience. The online schedule is used to indicate the dates for which you would like to make a reservation. Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. You will receive a confirmation of your schedule via email. All participants must print and sign the Student Waiver and Equipment Waiver. Then mail to the scheduler or bring to your first lesson. You will not be allowed to participate in a lesson without those forms.

To complete a request for snowsports with Ignite Adaptive Sports:

  • A Student Application (Profile) - Filled out online
  • If you are not part of a group attending Ignite then the Student Calendar(Schedule) - Filled out online
  • If you are part of a group attending Ignite then the group will fill out your Student Calendar (Schedule)
  • A Student Waiver - print and sign
  • An Equipment Waiver - print and sign


Ignite offers scholarships to ensure our program is available to all individuals regardless of finances. A Scholarship Cover Letter and Application is available with the other forms. With your Ignite student account you can fill out a scholarship application online.

If you decide not to create an Ignite online account, to make a reservation for snowsports instruction during the Ignite Adaptive Sports 2018-2019 Season season with Ignite Adaptive Sports, you must contact the scheduler.

Equipment Waiver

Student Waiver

Student Informational Letter

Scholarship Cover Letter

Registration Instructions

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